IOS Transflo Mobile+ US 1 Network Setup

Step 1

download to your IOS device

Download From App Store
Or Search for “Transflo Mobile+” in the App Store (iOS app).

Step 3

Open the Transflo Mobile + App

Tap Begin Registration

Step 4


Your Recipient ID: USON1MTST2

Complete the remaining fields, then tap "Next"

E-mail: Driver's active email. Of note, all scans will also send to the driver's email address as a backup.

Step 5


Insert the Username and Password you received from your dispatcher. Then tap "Next"

Step 6


Click Submit Registration

A verification email will be sent to the driver's email address

Prompt: Allow Transflo to use your location, click Allow

You are now ready to receive dispatched loads

Are you also using Transflo Mobile+ ELD?

Once videos and registration are complete, call Safety (904) 495-2480 to help get connected to HOS

For more information :
View Videos

Please let us know if you have any problems by emailing or text (904) 265-7642

Thank you!


Q.) I am getting constant Notifications from Transflo regarding my loads, how can I stop this?
A.) This error is usually caused by an address issue with a location contained in a leg of the load that is pushing the notification. Please reach out to your Dispatcher to have the location corrected.

Q.) When I send documents for my load via the App, my dispatcher is not receiving them, what can I do?
A.) This issue is caused by an error in registration. Uninstall the app and re- install, and while registering, ensure that your Username is your Driver ID (Rather than an email or something of your choosing) and your password is correct. After, you should have no issues sending docs in.

Q.) Am I being tracked even when off the clock?
A.) So long as the app is active, it will track.
To solve this, simply open your settings, go to permissions or “Location Services” and turn off Transflo’s ability to track. (Just remember, you will need to re-enable tracking whenever you get back on the clock or start to run loads)


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