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Owning and operating your own truck offers a lot of freedom, but there are a lot of other responsibilities to deal with as well. Joining a vast professional network of owner operators gives you the ability to concentrate on making your shipments and doing the work that you love. US 1 Network is looking for talented owner operators to join our team of logistics experts.

The logistics industry is growing at a much faster pace than the rest of the economy. There are always opportunities for owner operators looking to stabilize their business. When you join the team at US 1 Network, you're joining a huge group of dedicated logistics professionals who will help you advance your career while still enjoying the freedom to work when and how you want.

Apply today for one of our owner operators jobs and secure your future in logistics. US 1 Network offers flexible scheduling, amazing benefits, and the stability that you need to feel secure in your career. Joining our team of owner operators means you get the stability of a 9 to 5 job and the freedom of the open road.

  • Rand McNally EOBR’s available with GPS directions
  • Paid weekly
  • UTBA healthcare plan

Owner Operator FAQ's

What kinds of trailers are available for owner operators?

We offer flatbeds, dry vans, reefers, and chassis for rent.

Will US1 Logistics fix my truck if it breaks down?

As an owner operator, you are accountable for your own equipment. US1 Logistics is not responsible for any maintenance or repairs.

What is the age restriction for owner operators?

You must be at least 25 years of age to be an owner operator.

Do you offer fuel discounts?

Yes, we offer fuel discounts through our Comdata app.

How many miles can I expect weekly?

The amount of miles per week varies between agents, but we will discuss your goals and work together to meet your needs.

Will I receive bonuses?

Yes, we offer clean roadside bonuses.

What medical benefits are available when I drive for US1 Logistics?

We have a comprehensive private medical plan available for all of our dedicated drivers.

How often can I get time off to be home?

Some drivers are home daily and weekly, it varies between agents and locations.

Is it worth it to be an owner operator?

Yes, becoming an owner operator with US1 Logistics offers many benefits and lucrative pay you won't find anywhere else. We pride ourselves on being industry leaders, and a huge part of that success comes from our owner operators. You can enjoy being your own boss, with the freedom to choose your workload and more.

How long will I typically wait between loads?

We strive to keep dead head to a minimal, but the time varies between agents.

Do you offer tire discounts?

No, we do not offer tire discounts at this time.

Can I cancel a load?

Yes, you are able to cancel a load with dispatch's approval.

Will I receive paid vacation time?

At this time we do not offer drivers paid vacation.

Is there forced dispatch?

No. You will never be forced to take a load against your will. We work with you to come up with a flexible plan that benefits everyone.

Can I set up how I want to get paid?

Yes, we offer a variety of ways to receive your payroll via Comdata, direct deposit, or ACH.

Why choose US1 Logistics?

US1 Logistics offers many generous discounts and benefits to all of our owner operators that are unrivaled. We treat our partners like family, setting the groundwork and providing the opportunities for you to grow while enjoying a lucrative career.

Do you offer GPS?

No, you will have to provide your own GPS.

How long is the employment process?

The length of time varies depending on the agent, but you can get started immediately by applying online now. A US1 Logistics representative will be in touch promptly after receiving your application.

How much per mile do owner operators make?

It varies from agency to agency. At US1 Logisitcs, we pay by percentage.

Call us for more details: 866-618-4592