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3 Owner Operators Myths Debunked

After another long week at your current job, you might find yourself, once again, questioning a career switch. You’re interested in the freedom and fruitful benefits of being an owner operator, but one search on good ol’ Google might have you drowning in “what ifs” and “buts”. 

There are many misconceptions floating around that might discourage someone considering being a truck driver. We are here to squash those myths once and for all!

Here is the truth…

Myth #1: Once you are an owner operator, you always have to work independently

Not necessarily! One of the joys of being an owner operator is that you can make your own INDEPENDENT decisions regarding the contracts you agree to take. Some owner operators do work completely independently, but the majority sign with shipping companies. They are given regular assignments, just like company drivers, but can choose which they want to complete. Working with a shipping company means that you have steady work coming in and the ability to control your workload as well.

Myth #2: You can’t be an owner operator unless you have perfect credit

You might have heard that you need to either have a top notch credit score or make a high income to be an owner operator and obtain financing for a new truck. This causes many potential truck drivers to toss their dreams to the side without bothering to apply for a loan. Don’t give up! There are many different resources available to help individuals with low credit get the money they need to be an owner operator. By doing your research and budgeting your income, you can decipher how much you can spend each month on a truck payment, and put down a larger down payment in order to get approved for a loan.

Myth #3: You will never be home with your family

Not at all! Owner operators are their own bosses- how much better can it get for a job? You choose what jobs to take, contracts to sign and ultimately, how much time you want off. It’s all up to YOU and no one else! Time to book that family vacation you’ve always wanted to embark on with your tribe.

3 Owner Operators Myths Debunked
Courtney L.
July 25, 2019

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