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3 Rookie Truck Driver Mistakes to Avoid

Starting any new job is a learning experience, and naturally mistakes are inevitable. The same goes for new truck drivers, and there are certain common mistakes to be aware of to avoid bigger problems down the road.

In this blog post we discuss 3 of the most common mistakes and how to avoid them for safe and successful truck driving.

1. Minimize Speed

Speeding is a bad habit any driver on the road needs to avoid, especially for novice truckers. Not only does it burn up gas, but if you need to brake suddenly it can cause your rig to lose control and slide. 

It’s important to always stick to the speed limit, no matter if you’re in a time crunch trying to meet a deadline or just eager to get home. If you’re traveling on downhill roads, a slower speed is crucial to ensure you stay in control of your truck.

2. Be Mindful of Your Trailer

While it may seem silly to think that a truck driver could forget about the trailer they’re hauling, the truth is that if a rookie isn’t used to the trailer they can make mistakes that lead to costly accidents. 

For example, get used to regularly checking blind spots and leaving ample space when making a turn. 

Oftentimes miscalculations are made when maneuvering in a busy intersection or in traffic, but this can be prevented by taking your time, moving at a slow speed, and checking, then double-checking.

3. Knowing When to Fuel Up

Fueling is a delicate art form for truck drivers, and admittedly it might take some time on the road to learn when is best to fuel up.

However, when it comes to weigh-ins, a common rookie mistake is to fuel up right before you reach the weigh station. Bear in mind that fuel is heavy and can impact your final weight. Remember that if your truck is overweight this could incur fines. 

Be smart about when and where you top off your tank, utilizing trucking apps or fueling before embarking on a trip.

3 Rookie Truck Driver Mistakes to Avoid
Courtney L.
May 17, 2022

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