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3 Tips for Freight Brokers to Build Strong Carrier Partnerships

Being a successful freight broker is based on customer service and building solid, long-lasting relationships with carriers. 

This is also important for forming partnerships with shippers who need freight moved and rely on the integrity of the broker to connect them with a reputable carrier.

But where to start? If it’s your first time stepping out on your own in the freight brokerage industry, there are plenty of ways to build successful carrier relationships. Here’s how it’s done!

Know Your Carriers

In the logistics industry time is of the essence. As a broker, you’ll sometimes get rush inquiries from shippers who need a load moved on short notice. This is where you can let your skills shine, simply by knowing which carriers are best suited (and trusted) to respond quickly. 

Instead of rolling through your contacts list spending hours calling every carrier, organize carriers according to the services they specialize in. That way, you can make a few calls and have the job booked quickly.

Become a Master Negotiator

A huge part of being a freight broker is trust. It goes without saying carriers will most likely want to work with you again if they’ve had a satisfactory experience in the past. 

One way to do this is by learning how to negotiate rates that put your partners best interests first. Once you establish that trust, they’ll probably be less likely to question your judgement and “trust” that you’ll take care of them.

Another way to build trust with carriers is to make it a priority to get payments out as quickly as possible. Because well, everyone wants to get paid, right?

Take Time to Listen

Communication is key to building a strong relationship in any aspect of life, and the same goes for how you interact with carriers. Make an effort to learn what they like and don’t like

Feedback is essential to improve and grow your business, and your partners will appreciate the time you take to listen to their needs. 

You can ask questions such as:

  • The lanes they prefer
  • The rates they’re looking for
  • The types of loads and capacity they want to haul

3 Tips for Freight Brokers to Build Strong Carrier Partnerships
Courtney L.
March 10, 2022

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