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4 Benefits of Bringing Your Pet on Your Next Trip

One cool perk of truck driving is being able to bring your pet with you on the road. There are no FMCSA regulations against furry passengers, but rules may vary between trucking companies. That’s why it’s always important to ask about whether a company has a rider policy!

If you do decide to bring your best bud with you on your next haul, there are plenty of benefits they can offer. Read on to find out more!

The best kind of companionship

Life on the road can get lonely at times, and there’s only so much entertainment an audiobook can provide! With your pup or kitty in the front seat, you can always reach over for a cuddle or feel the joy from seeing their smiling face from getting to “go for a ride” or better yet, just being by your side.

They keep you active

Pets need exercise, and that means walks or a game of fetch. It’s hard to stay active on the road, but it’s important because long hours of sitting sedentary isn’t healthy. Your pet will keep you moving in between trips, whether it’s by running around with a ball or walking around a truck stop.

Safety & peace of mind

Truck drivers always need to be on their guard with thieves when transporting cargo, but having a dog with you will not only offer a layer of protection, but will help lower stress and anxiety. You can relax a bit knowing your best pal has got your back. Plus, thieves might feel scared to come near with a dog present.

You can get social

There’s no better conversation starter than talking about pets, so having your sidekick next to you can make it easier to socialize. You’ll meet other truckers traveling with their pets and make new friends that you’ll potentially see down the road. 

4 Benefits of Bringing Your Pet on Your Next Trip
Courtney L.
March 24, 2021

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