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4 Fuel Saving Tips For Truck Drivers

Oil is a huge point of discussion these days. In the world of intermodal drayage, the use and cost of fuel is especially being targeted, as companies look to reduce the carbon footprint and save money. And, that’s good news, as the trucking industry has been estimated to burn a whopping 38 billion gallons of diesel annually in the US.

It will take time to see massive changes in the way fuel is depended upon. But, with the evolution of technology and responsible practices, baby steps are paving the way for success.

As a truck driver, there are ways you can make an impact yourself. And why not? It’s not only beneficial for your pocketbook, but for the environment. Here’s how you can save on fuel when you go over the road.

Slow down

You might feel the need for speed to get to your destination, but speeding is not only considered dangerous driving. When you go just 5 mph over 65 mph, it decreases fuel economy by 7%. Stay safe and stay within the limits to save money!

Turn it off

The air conditioner sucks up fuel. After all, it takes a lot of energy to power the AC, just like in a house. When the weather is nice, opt to switch it off. Put the windows down instead. Some fresh air and wind in your hair is better for health, right?

Cruise smart

Keep an eye on traffic conditions so you can avoid having to stop frequently. It takes a heap of fuel to get a big truck rolling from first gear. When you’re on the highway, turn on cruise control whenever you can, as this also saves on gas.

The 101 on diesel

Always use the grade of oil recommended by the truck manufacturer. For diesel fuel, you can save by doing the following:

  • Pump fuel at a low setting to minimize vapors.
  • Fill up your truck in the morning before hitting the road for a long period.
  • Fill up the tank before it reaches empty.

4 Fuel Saving Tips For Truck Drivers
Courtney L.
November 17, 2018

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