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4 Tips for More Sustainable Shipping Practices

In today’s modern world, people are becoming more attuned to how the planet is treated, and that includes companies opting for more environmentally friendly methods to do business, whether during manufacturing or shipping. Are the resources available to reduce the carbon footprint when shipping? There sure is! Here are some simple tips to help take those green baby steps that will ultimately impact the earth in a beneficial way.


Use recycled materials


It’s all about knowing your eco-friendly certifications when it comes to packaging, but this knowledge can also help you to make greener choices. Look for boxes that have been certified by the Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC), which means that trees used for cardboard come from a sustainably managed forest. US Postal produces boxes that don’t use toxic ink for box markings. Look for Cradle to Cradle (C2C), which uses harmless adhesives and inks.


Say NO to styrofoam


…..and other fuel-based fillers that have always been the traditional means for packing up boxes. Not only are these fillers terrible for the environment, but the way in which they are manufactured produces a ton of nasty waste. It’s possible to use biodegradable fillers instead, such corrugated inserts or organic starch cushioning.


Keep it minimal


The less materials you use to package goods, the greener you’re getting already. Less is more- more money for you, more space on airplanes and ships to fit more products and more compactness means less spent on extra packaging materials, increasing the speed in which a product reaches the market.


Go with sustainable shippers


Ever heard of the SmartWay Program? Introduced by the US Environmental Protection Agency, shipping companies that participate by becoming members are observed and recorded on various levels of sustainability out in the field, from tire inflation to idling in a vehicle. Every week a report is released ranking the highest performers in the program while also establishing a reputation for being an eco friendly shipper.

4 Tips for More Sustainable Shipping Practices
Courtney L.
June 26, 2017

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