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Avoid Supply Chain Fraud with These Crucial Tips

As technology continues to change how logistics is handled globally, all elements of the supply chain are relying on automated services, immediate transactions and information sharing to keep up with the demand for expedited shipping. Technology is making it possible to supercharge efficiency. The downside? It’s also making the supply chain vulnerable to fraud.

Identity thieves are savvy with technology, and like mosquitoes they are relentless. That’s why it’s more important than ever to be vigilant while on the job. It starts with getting informed on fraud tendencies and what to look out for.

Gas Stations

You might have heard about skimmers being used at ATM machines to steal victims' credit card information. The same is happening at fuel pumps across the US, as well. Thieves will place a skimmer or camera on the gas pump to copy card info- and most of the time it’s not detectable at first glance. Take a good look at the gas pump you’re about to use and if any piece of machinery seems odd, listen to your gut. Tamper with the device or ask the station clerk for assistance. Always cover the keypad when entering your PIN code.

Pack smart

Don’t keep your fleet card or fuel credit card with your wallet. Keep them separate and only bring the credit cards you’ll be using on the trip. This reduces losses if your wallet is stolen. You can buy an RFID blocking card or wallet to help shield your cards from being scanned when you are out and about.

Never give out card information

Identity thieves will pose as your bank or another trusted institution to try get your information over the phone. Never ever give out your account number! Also, never write it down anywhere, especially on an old bank receipt. Always check your account to make sure there are no strange charges. If you do notice anything fishy, immediately let your fleet manager know.

Avoid Supply Chain Fraud with These Crucial Tips
Courtney L.
March 16, 2020

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