Two men work at the loading dock

Brush Up on Your Loading Dock Etiquette With These Tips

When truck drivers are not on the road, you can find them at the loading dock picking up or dropping off cargo. The loading dock is a pivotal point on the supply chain, with very little room for error. To get freight moving, it takes teamwork, vigilance and- some good old fashioned courtesy. 

If you’re a truck driver that’s new to the loading dock scene, don’t forget these tips for proper etiquette that benefits everyone!

It starts with communication

An effective communicator is worth millions, and that’s what you should always strive to be. With that being said, never assume that every loading dock is the same, because they aren’t. If you pull up to a new loading dock, staying humble and listening will help you learn the ropes quickly regarding how things are done. Always update the crew with your status, whether you’re going to be late, have a special load, etc.

Play by the rules

I know you’re not in kindergarten, but now more than ever companies are doubling down on following rules and regulations. Even if you don’t agree or feel the need to argue, take a minute to yourself to breathe and let go. Remember: every loading dock is different. Stay patient, get your load and go. Your priority is to stay on time and make that delivery safely.

Be prepared

I love doing paperwork...said no one, ever! But alas, when you work in logistics it’s the name of the game. At the loading dock, you can improve your position by having everything organized and ready to go beforehand. Stay awake and alert, follow directions and be professional. Sometimes the hustle and bustle at a loading dock can make you want to tear your hair out, but by being smart about how you present yourself, it can act in your favor to get you out the door as quickly as possible.

Brush Up on Your Loading Dock Etiquette With These Tips
Courtney L.
August 26, 2020

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