National Truck Driver Appreciation Week Graphic

Have you ever stopped to think about how your favorite food makes it to the supermarket? Or how you have easy access to medications and daily provisions at your local drugstore?

That’s thanks to truck drivers and their dedication to keeping our country’s economy rolling strong.

It’s National Truck Driver Appreciation Week from Sept. 12-18, and it goes without saying that this has been a challenging year indeed. 

US truck drivers have remained on the frontlines day in and day out since the COVID-19 pandemic began, working tirelessly to ensure we get the supplies we need, no matter where we live.

And it’s not like the road is smooth every day. The challenges are great, the hours are long, and yet our road warriors stay vigilant and safe to ensure store shelves stay fully stocked.

Truckers put their safety and well-being on the line every day dealing with factors such as heavy traffic, inclement weather, and poor road conditions, while driving to deliver goods on tight deadlines.

And, it’s not only food and medicine that gets hauled. Those giant, heavy loads hurtling along the highway on the back of a flatbed are entrusted to a truck driver.

Everything from hazardous materials to wind turbines are moved from point A to point B because of the expertise of the man or woman behind the wheel of a long-hauler.

National Truck Driver Appreciation Week is a time to shake the hand of a trucker and tell them ‘thank you for all that they do. 

If you’re wondering how to celebrate, there are numerous ways to show your appreciation. Offer a gift to a loved one who works in the trucking industry or if you work with a team of drivers, treat them to lunch or dinner. 

As the world constantly changes, one industry remains steadfast to deliver our most precious necessities- the trucking industry!

Celebrate National Truck Driver Appreciation Week 2021

Celebrate National Truck Driver Appreciation Week 2021
Courtney L.
September 15, 2021

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