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Mandatory DOT Inspections for CMVs: What You Need to Know

Every 12 months, all commercial motor vehicles (CMV) weighing more than 10,000 pounds must undergo a mandatory DOT Inspection by The Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

DOT Inspections can happen anywhere on the road and are carried out by a qualified DOT inspector or state police officer. The inspection is done to ensure that all parts of a CMV are working safely and that the driver has all required documents in place.

Keep your vehicle well-maintained

This is common sense, but a regularly maintained vehicle is the main component of what DOT inspectors focus on. Have you taken a good look at these parts and accessories lately?

  • seat belts
  • brake systems
  • coupling devices
  • exhaust systems
  • frames
  • fuel systems
  • lighting devices
  • steering mechanisms
  • suspension
  • tires
  • wheels
  • rims and hubs
  • windshield wipers
  • emergency exits
  • electrical cables

First impressions matter

The cab is your home away from home, so if it’s messy, smells like old socks and you have no clue where your driver documents are, prepare yourself for an unpleasant DOT inspection experience. In fact, if an inspector takes that first peek inside and he’s mortified...there’s a good chance the thought, “Geez, if this is the cab, it must be that way for the entire truck,” crosses his mind at least once. You may find yourself on the path to a heavier inspection...

Besides tidying up your personal space, keep your driver’s documents stored in an easy-to-find spot. Even better, use a binder for organization- I bet the inspector will appreciate that!

  • driver’s license
  • medical examiner’s certificate
  • driver’s record of duty status
  • documentation of annual inspection
  • hazardous materials paperwork (if applicable)
  • permit credentials

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Mandatory DOT Inspections for CMVs: What You Need to Know
Courtney L.
September 30, 2016
September 30, 2016

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