Helpful Tips for Effective Shipping with Pallets

Helpful Tips for Effective Shipping with Pallets

When preparing cargo for shipping, pallets are widely relied upon to ensure the shipment is properly packaged for safe transport. They may not seem too difficult to use, but if not used correctly can increase the risk of costly problems, such as broken products or handling delays along the supply chain.

Don’t disregard the simple yet sturdy pallet! Use these tips to make sure your palletized shipment arrives at its destination all in one piece.

How to pick a pallet….

  • You can find pallets at almost any hardware store.
  • When choosing a pallet, choose wisely. Look for pallets that are durable and undamaged.
  • It should be big enough to hold all your items with no overhang.

How to load a pallet…

  • Before loading goods onto a pallet, pack each item into a cardboard box cushioned by packing peanuts or foam and sealed with duct tape. It’s much easier to securely load same-sized boxes instead of all sorts of oddly shaped products, such as toys.
  • Stack lighter, smaller sized packages onto the pallet before adding heavier ones, building towards a square shape. Don’t stack them too high! This can cause instability.
  • Placing a layer of liner paper between stacks of boxes is an effective way to reduce friction and distribute cargo weight evenly over the pallet.
  • Once you’ve secured the goods onto the pallet, use bands and stretch foil to tightly wrap the entire load in multiple layers and ensure it stays firmly in place.

How to ship a pallet…

  • Get ALL of the necessary measurements of your palletized shipment before send off, because this information will help determine shipping rates.
  • Are the boxes heavy? Shipping fragile goods? Don’t forget to add informative labels to each box with pertinent information that will further streamline the supply chain.

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Helpful Tips for Effective Shipping with Pallets
Courtney L.
March 30, 2017

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