Semi trucks parked in a parking lot

Here's What to Know About Truck Stop Etiquette

Truck stops are experiencing a renaissance. The old negative stereotype of these iconic American establishments being an “unsafe” place to congregate is on its way out.

In 2022, truck stops are getting makeovers, and many are now spacious, with plenty of amenities, hot meals, showers, and security. 

In this post, we take a look at what to do when you pull up at a truck stop and the etiquette that allows everyone to enjoy some much needed rest and relaxation while traveling.

Slow down

This goes without saying, but a truck stop is no place to speed around, no matter how badly you have to use the restroom!

Truck stops are busy areas with pedestrians, smaller vehicles, and pets darting around. Reduce your speed and follow the traffic patterns to ensure safety for all.

Refrain from knocking on cab doors

Unless it’s an emergency, please try to not knock on the cab doors of your neighbors. Truckers are on varying schedules, and it’s not uncommon for someone to be catching up on some Z’s in the middle of the day. 

Dispose of your waste

It’s common knowledge that truckers keep a waste receptacle handy for those times on the road when “you gotta go” but there’s no opportunity to stop. 

While at the truck stop, make sure to dispose of your waste in the bathroom, along with any other trash you may have. Leaving it behind for others to pick up isn’t good form…take the extra steps to find a trash can!

The fuel island is a “no hang out zone”

Nothing is more frustrating than pulling up to a fuel island, eager to fill up and go, but the person in front of you is sitting on the phone hanging out for 30 minutes.

Fuel islands are strictly for pumping gas, any other tasks such as paperwork, eating, or using the showers should be done after you’ve moved your truck to a designated parking space.

Here's What to Know About Truck Stop Etiquette
Courtney L.
February 1, 2022

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