How Do Logistics Providers Guarantee Competitive Freight Prices?

If you’re shopping around for the best logistics services near you, the verbiage “free quote” and “competitive prices” are common from company to company. And, when you factor in the numerous transportation companies around, narrowing down the list based on pricing takes time.

So, how can you be sure a logistics company can actually guarantee winning prices? There are a few ways the top-dogs make competitive pricing a reality. We spill the industry secrets here!

All About Volume

…Volume discounts, that is. Companies that provide multiple logistics services oftentimes are able to finagle larger discounts due to combining multiple shipping volumes of clients.

Brokerage Benefits

Since logistics companies often provide multiple services, they’ve built up carrier relationships that create a large-scale network. This makes it faster and easier for them to compare rates amongst their network- all the client has to do is sit back and focus on their business.

Multiple Hands-On Tools

The logistics industry has done a pretty solid job of utilizing the internet for enhanced customer service, particularly where pricing is concerned. 

While the most service-centric companies offer the traditional means of contact, many are now also giving clients online tools to build their quotes. This saves time and money, while also providing clients with instant satisfaction.

Streamlined Expertise

Finally, it pays off to go with the company that has years of experience. They’ve made it this far in the industry for a reason- they know how to adapt and evolve along with a high-demand, ever-changing marketplace. 

Logistics experts have spent countless hours on-site honing skills through problem-solving, creative solutions, and trial/error. In other words, if it’s happened, they’ve dealt with it. In terms of pricing, they know what works and what doesn’t, and that extensive knowledge plays into pricing.

There are numerous challenges that can arise on the supply chain, but experts know how to diffuse them while saving time and money. That reflects on the rates you pay.

How Do Logistics Providers Guarantee Competitive Freight Prices?
Courtney L.
January 24, 2023

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