How to Incorporate Intermodal Into Your Supply Chain

Incorporating Intermodal In Your Supply Chain Strategy

Intermodal drayage is the transporting of goods over a short distance as part of a larger overall distance. Manufacturers are slowly implementing different modes of intermodal into their supply chain strategies, streamlining the overall process for maximum efficiency and savings. From drayage to rail and transloading to distribution, there are numerous ways you can use intermodal to effectively manage your goods.

Map out distance & make a plan

Ask yourself: Where is your shipment coming in from? What areas of the country is it leaving out of? If your goods are traveling a long distance, considering intermodal could help you save time and cash.


More and more manufacturers are choosing to ship goods by rail, due to cost efficiency from fuel savings, not mention less fuel usage means that rail shipping is a more environmentally friendly option. You can also ship more cargo by rail in one trip, as trains have the capacity to carry a large size of freight at a given time.

Intermodal Drayage

Drayage can be used alongside rail to cover short distances for pick up, from port to rail, warehouse or to the destination. You can choose a fleet that readily fits the needs of your shipment. Long haul trucks and vans are available in various sizes and refrigerated trucks help maintain temperatures for perishable goods.

Look into using a 3PL (third-party logistics)

It can be overwhelming to develop an intermodal plan on your own if you are new to the industry. Enlisting the help of a local 3PL not only puts your supply chain into the trusted  hands of intermodal experts on all aspects of logistics, but they will most likely know your specific region and the local network inside out.

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Incorporating Intermodal In Your Supply Chain Strategy
Courtney L.
April 28, 2017

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