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How to Keep Your Dog Safe Over the Road

International Dog Day was held on August 26 this year, with lovers of the 4-legged paying tribute to their fur babies. 

For truck drivers, life on the road means long hours. Bringing your pup along for the journey not only provides company, but it’s the BEST kind of company!

More and more truck drivers are discovering the joys of having their pups along. I mean, what dog doesn’t freak out in ecstasy when a car ride is mentioned?

If you’re trying to decide if you should turn your beloved pet into a long haul hot dawgie, here are our top tips to keep her safe and happy in the passenger seat.

First off, is your dog ready?

Life on the road takes some adjustment. For a dog that has never left home, this can be a shock to the system. You need to be realistic regarding whether or not your dog is suited for long hours spent in a truck cabin.

Is she used to traveling? Is she calm or hyper? Is your truck cabin large enough to accommodate her size?

You might have a happy vision of you and your dog enjoying the windows down as the sun sets over the highway, but you need to think about whether your dog’s physical well being and personality are ready for such a demanding trip.

Become a puppy-proofing pro

You’ve decided that your dog is ready for her first journey, so now it’s time to check out the truck cabin. You need to make sure it is puppy-proof to avoid potential emergencies.

Keep food and medications tucked away in a cooler where she can’t reach them. Create a partition between the driver's seat and the passenger seat, so she can’t accidentally hit switches or get down under the pedals.

Invest in a harness and dog seat belt to keep your pup safely and comfortably restrained.

Plan your routes accordingly

Now that you have a new furry first mate along for the ride, it’s a good idea to plan routes ahead of time with your pup in mind.

Pick out stops that have plenty of grassy space, so she can stretch her legs and use the bathroom.

You might need to stop more than you usually would if you were alone, so keep the time in mind when planning.

How to Keep Your Dog Safe Over the Road
Courtney L.
August 28, 2019

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