Winter trucking

How to Keep Your Truck Running Strong During Winter

It’s the time of the year when things start cooling down, the leaves are changing colors and pretty soon, winter will be upon us. The cold is no fun, and when you add icy roads and frozen intermodal equipment to the mix, it can turn a blustery day into a downright bad one.

If you’re spending time over the road this winter, it’s important to take care of your truck. Staying warm is one thing, but keeping safe is pertinent to avoid breakdowns and accidents. There are plenty of fast and easy ways to maintain your vehicle so longevity is ensured, while time and money are saved. Here’s how you can avoid those cold weather inconveniences.

Using an engine block heater

If you utilize an engine block heater, be sure to to plug it in on all diesel trucks that will be sitting out overnight. This keeps the engine warm and makes it more apt to start up and warm up the next morning when you hit the road. Take note that your engine is at a normal operating temperature, because block heaters only maintain it. Also, try not to keep your truck sitting for too long.

Watch the fuel you use

If you’re heading North where temperatures will be more harsh, or just dealing with extremely cold weather where you are, take the fuel you fill up with into consideration. Opt for winter weight fuel with additives if necessary. Make sure it is correctly blended. A cloud point additive will stop filter waxing.

Double up on the check-ups

Drivers should be encouraged to stop and inspect the running components daily. Check for frozen parts, especially with the trailer doors,defroster, fuel and power chords. The tires need extra attention, as roads get slippery and dangerous in the winter. They need to be properly inflated at all times.

How to Keep Your Truck Running Strong During Winter
Courtney L.
October 22, 2018

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