Truck tires on an icy road

How To Keep Your Truck Tires In Prime Condition During Winter

We never think about how much we rely on truck tires to take us thousands of miles cross country, making deliveries and ensuring the supply chain chugs along.

Tires need plenty of TLC, but during the winter time, they need it even more. If you live in a freezing region, then you are probably already a pro regarding how to take care of a vehicle to keep parts from freezing. If you are from a warmer region taking trips into cold places, then you’ll want to get in the know!

In this post we are going to focus on truck tires and give you our best tips to ensure they stay in prime condition for safety and success during the busy holidays.

The deeper the tread, the safer the tire

Deep treads fare well on icy roads. Check your tire tread and make sure they measure up to 2/32” (4/32” for steer tires). You’ll also want to take a close look at the wear and tear that has accumulated over time. If you notice any punctures, damages or that the tread is wearing down unevenly you need to get them maintained pronto.

Avoid the big blowout

A real life nightmare is one where a tire blows out in the middle of nowhere or worse- it causes an accident. During winter time, the cold temperature causes a drop in pressure. This spells bad news for tires. Every 10 degree drop in temperature equates to a 1 psi drop, putting your truck at risk for a blow out. Always check the sidewalls to confirm that each tire is inflated well. It’s a good idea to check before, during and after a trip to prevent unwanted surprises.


Get those tires rotated (before winter is the best, but it’s never too late to do it). This is especially important if you notice uneven treading. Your tires will have a longer lifespan and stronger traction. As well, frequent rotations can boost fuel savings.

How To Keep Your Truck Tires In Prime Condition During Winter
Courtney L.
November 27, 2019

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