How to Make Sure Your Loads Are Always Delivered on Time!

No one wants to lose time and money on a delivery, that’s why it’s crucial for truck drivers to be on their game in order to get loads delivered when the customer expects.

However, America’s highways are unpredictable. Anything from inclement weather to stop-and-go traffic, and truck breakdowns can take a smooth sailing delivery and stop it dead in its tracks.

That’s why it’s always important for logistics professionals to have a backup plan. In this blog post, we share 3 tips to help truckers always make their deadlines!

Get Onboard the Technology Bandwagon

The logistics industry is fully embracing technological advances for management, and it’s no wonder why- there are stunning software platforms that are optimizing the supply chain like never before.

This especially applies to deliveries, with functions that are helping to save time and avoid delays. Fore example, supply chain management software is making the supply chain visible, so everyone is on the same page, with open communication. 

Tracking apps are also become an essential part of operations, allowing workers, drivers, and customers to send and receive status updates on the whereabouts of a delivery. 

And, drivers aren’t totally powerless against weather or bad traffic. Now there are apps for truckers that provide updated weather information and traffic alerts in any given area, allowing drivers to look ahead and plan accordingly to avoid getting stuck.

Always Have a Super-Star Backup

Preparation is always half the battle in the logistics industry, which is why you might want to work on expanding your carrier network.

Whether you’re making a delivery in an unfamiliar region or one of your driver’s is stranded with a flat tire, it helps to have a reliable carrier on speed-dial that can spring into action.

Truck Inspection

For drivers, truck maintenance should be a priority. All of those long hours on the road heightens the wear-n-tear factor, so regular inspection of your brakes, tires, engine, and fuel is vital. 

Not only does this help reduce the risk of an unexpected breakdown, but it’s obviously better for your truck in the long run. 

Fuel up before trips and monitor how your speed and weight correlates with fuel consumption. This is a good way to manage fuel spending.

Check tire pressure before trips as well, as this has an impact on fuel consumption. It’s also unsafe to drive with low tires, especially in inclement or hot weather.

Have a mechanic inspect your engine and brakes. The the brakes take on a ton of pressure, working to stop the heavy load you’re hauling. Drive safely by maintaining a slower speed limit and giving yourself enough time to brake.

How to Make Sure Your Loads Are Always Delivered on Time!
Courtney L.
March 20, 2023

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