How to Prevent Supply Chain Setbacks

When time and money are on the line, the supply chain becomes vulnerable, especially when multiple shipments are coming and going every day. It’s important to know how to use intermodal drayage effectively, how to plan a logistics strategy that kicks butt and ultimately- how to protect your supply chain from disruptions that not only can be costly, but can affect customer satisfaction.

Step back and look at the big picture.

The best way to prevent supply chain disturbances is to start at the beginning with an audit, followed by an analysis of the logistics process. What products are you selling and who are your customers? What would happen if you lost a particular supplier? Put together scenarios that could cause disarray, and from that point, develop long term and short term strategies with these scenarios in mind. You never know what can happen, but by taking time to analyze and plan, a well-thought out response during a time of crisis exists.

Learn how to use intermodal.

With intermodal, multiple forms of transportation are utilized in the supply chain to transport goods. Trains, trucks and overseas shipping are the three modes of transportation most commonly relied upon, and combining at least two in your logistics plan is a smart way to save on fuel costs, as well as combat against delays. If a train is delayed or a reefer breaks down, you have a transportation backup to keep deliveries on track.

Talk to the professionals.

If you’re new to shipping and need guidance on how to prepare your supply chain, turn to a 3PL specialist to help develop a streamlined strategy and provided equipment and services. When you depend on a 3PL, you’ll get advice from logistics professionals that have been in the industry for years- it’s their job! Not only do you curb stress, but you can learn how to properly manage your supply chain by working with the best in the business.

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How to Prevent Supply Chain Setbacks
Courtney L.
December 15, 2017

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