How to Protect Your Truck During a Hurricane

How to Protect Your Truck During a Hurricane

It’s that time of the year Floridians- hurricanes are brewing in the Atlantic! With Harvey and Irma making waves, it’s only a matter of time until the next storm approaches. When it comes to intermodal drayage and over the road trucking, time and consistency on the supply chains can’t be toyed with, but with hurricane season, truck drivers need to take care and prepare. Here are three big tips to keep in mind when you’re navigating the roads and need to stay safe.

Strong Winds Can Cause Serious Damage

Hurricanes are known for producing deadly winds that can tear apart properties, uproot trees and send large pieces of debris flying. This is especially dangerous for dry vans and reefers, which can be flipped and damaged, amounting to high costs and risks for the driver. Take time to park and cover your truck before a storm hits, and park in a safe place away from debris or trees that can topple over on your vehicle.

Pay Attention to Weather Reports

When you’re a truck driver on the road, weather warnings become your most trusted ally (as well as instinct!). When a hurricane is on the warpath, pay close attention to the news reports and track the storm carefully. Storms can change course, weaken or strengthen and hit particular areas harder than others. Knowing the latest developments helps you to plan your route safely or delay shipping if necessary to take refuge.

Avoid Standing Water

Hurricanes dump rain and can cause storm surges along the coast that raise water to harrowing levels, especially on roads. Driving becomes dangerous in these situations, mainly because it’s difficult to interpret high water and what lurks beneath the surface. A skinny branch sticking out of the murk could be just a small visible vestige of a thick tree branch that is submerged. Debris, potholes and power lines are added risks as well that can elude the naked eye. You’re best bet is to avoid standing water and keep your eyes on the road at all times in preparation of any oncoming obstructions.

How to Protect Your Truck During a Hurricane
Courtney L.
October 3, 2017

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