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How to Streamline Warehouse Productivity

Have you ever had to wade through mounds of inventory to find the products you need for an order? If a warehouse isn’t kept organized and up-to-date, then disaster can be imminent. This is something you definitely want to avoid when striving for fast deliveries without any hiccups.

Organizing a warehouse goes way beyond just putting a box on a shelf. In this modern day, warehouse productivity is a huge factor when it comes to eCommerce and 2 day shipping. How can you upgrade your system for success?

Here are our 3 biggest tips for warehouse productivity.

Clear out the clutter

Go ahead and take a minute to study your warehouse. What does it look like? Are there boxes crowding the aisles, packing materials all over the place or other supplies creating clutter? This is the first step to boosting productivity and freeing up valuable space. Clear out or recycle any empty boxes and organize materials so there is space for workers to move about easily. Label shelves to know exactly where to look without guessing.

Cut travel time in half

Travel time can take away from how quickly you can fulfill an order, because you need to make several trips collecting products to bring to the picker. Reduce the amount of touches and ultimately time wasted by combining small orders into one travel. Save bulk items for the last leg of transport, taking them directly from the pallet to the final staging area.

Spend time creating an efficient picking path

The picking path is where the magic happens. Without a clear path to find goods and move them to the final staging area, the flow of productivity can be negatively affected. Study the layout of the warehouse to determine the best way to move products and strategically place pickers. Don’t forget to keep safety in mind by eliminating blind spots for forklifts.

How to Streamline Warehouse Productivity
Courtney L.
January 23, 2019

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