Packaging Hacks to Save Money on Shipping

Shippers are always looking for ways to cut down on supply chain costs, and while there are plenty of tricks to streamline operations, sometimes saving money is as easy as changing how you use packaging materials. 

Want to know how? Check out these savvy packaging tips that’ll put some pennies back in your pocket.

With Packaging, Size Matters

Have you ever received a package delivery only to find your small item lost in the depths of a spacious cardboard box? You’re not the only one. It’s not uncommon for products to be packaged in boxes that are much bigger than needed. 

But, you can easily address this by maintaining full visibility of your supply chain and targeting packaging procedures. Monitor how items are packaged and make improvements when necessary.

It’s All About the Details

Details are important in logistics, it’s what can make or break costs. This is especially true where packaging materials are concerned. Is too much stuffing being used? Does your company rely on plastic containers for the majority of packaging? Are pallets being used efficiently?

These are just a few key examples of what to look out for as you monitor your supply chain and the little ways you can collaborate with your team to make improvements. Sure, these little details shave off only a few cents, but that adds up over time.

Recycle & Reuse

Recycling and reusing are two of the major ways to save money on packaging. But keep in mind that it might mean spending on quality materials that are highly durable. That’s OK though, as the value holds. 

Aim for materials that can survive long transit times, especially with intermodal when cargo is unloaded and reloaded onto different modes of transport.

If you do use an abundance of cardboard or plastic, check with local recycling programs. Some will come to haul away your materials for free, or even pay you for it!

Invest in Training

It’s always a worthwhile investment to implement training for your team to brush up on their skills and learn new ones. This also keeps everyone on the same page regarding what’s expected in the supply chain.

Set aside time for training and testing to determine the fastest, most cost-effective methods to package and ship goods. Not only is this a fantastic way to reduce costs, but it also cuts down on damages that result from shoddy packaging.

Packaging Hacks to Save Money on Shipping
Courtney L.
August 30, 2022

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