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The 101 on Order Fulfillment

Let’s get right down to it. In this post, we’ll cover exactly what order fulfillment is so you can be well-informed on all processes regarding the supply chain and how deliveries work.

What is order fulfillment?

Simply put, order fulfillment refers to the process and time that it takes for a shipment to make its way to your front door, from the moment the order for the shipment is placed. There are various ways in which an item is shipped, whether it’s by intermodal drayage using long haul trucks, by air or by sea. The most important key to order fulfillment is time. Deliveries need to be completed as fast as possible with no delays.

Once an order is placed and items are received, they are first counted and checked for damages. Warehouse Management Software is used to keep order information well organized. Stock Keeping Units (SKUs) maintain important  data such as location, inventory and sales.

Ready, set, GO...

Next up, it’s time for the order to be shipped. This is when it’s crucial to avoid delays and mistakes.

  • Inventory Management: A successful supply chain starts with careful organization. All inventory is labeled and stocked on the proper shelves and SKUs are inspected.
  • Order Processing: Once inventory has been confirmed, it will be received by a warehouse for processing. This is where packaging takes place, with attention focused on quality control checks, choosing the best materials for the preservation of goods, and inserting packaging slips.
  • Shipping: Almost ready! This is the stage where packages are weighed and then the best mode of transportation is determined for delivery. Whether it’s by temperature controlled van, heavy haul, rail or reefer- it’s important to choose a carrier that will best suit the needs of your cargo.
  • Returns Processing: Don’t forget to include the returns policy in your supply chain! Once a product is delivered, this doesn’t always mean it won’t be sent back. This is part of the shipper’s responsibility.

Order fulfillment doesn’t need to be too difficult to handle. If you’re a beginner to logistics, consider partnering with a reputable 3PL company to ensure a timely delivery at the lowest prices. They are experts well-conditioned to the everyday hustle and bustle of the supply chain, offering professional assistance to help your deliveries get handled by the very best in the business.

The 101 on Order Fulfillment
Courtney L.
March 19, 2018

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