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The Latest Logistics Technology You Need to Know About

The logistics industry is always evolving to keep up with consumer demands. In 2020, eCommerce only continues to rise, and the faster the shipping, the better. To keep up, technological advancements are making it easier for logistics professionals to streamline the supply chain. 

The thing is, technology and trends change as quickly as the seasons. To stay on top of the supply chain, you need to stay on top of the latest tech. If you’re looking to update your supply chain strategy with new technology, here’s what you need to know!

Shipment Tracking Systems

Today, it’s easier than ever for customers to track shipments. With everything online, all it takes is a click to view exactly where a package is and the day it is set to arrive. In the good ol’ days, you needed to make a phone call and go from one automated message to another trying to find out where a package was. Now, you can see updates right on your smartphone 24/7.

Drones & Automated Trucks

These two are still a few years down the road, but they are definitely not a pipe dream anymore. Amazon is set to launch drone delivery- with costs and regulatory issues still being worked out. This is huge, because it will cut down delivery time ten-fold. Automated long-haul trucks have already been manufactured by Tesla and Uber. The driver will still need to be on the trip in the passenger seat, but automation has the potential to improve efficiency and safety.

GPS Systems

GPS has revolutionized how we find places using our phones. For truckers, advanced systems help with so much more. Besides having instant access to directions when out on the highway, it can also be used for traffic updates, giving truckers the ability to find new routes and avoid delays.

Social Media

Even the logistics industry benefits from social media. It helps optimize the supply chain as a whole. Companies are able to respond quickly when customers have questions, provide immediate updates on shipments and announce urgent news regarding the industry. Plus, it’s a great way to spread brand awareness. After all, everyone is on social media these days!

The Latest Logistics Technology You Need to Know About
Courtney L.
January 30, 2020

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