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Tips for Loading a Shipping Container

Boxes sliding, broken goods, toppled items...these are careless loading mistakes that can lead to money lost and worst of all, unhappy clients. Unprofessional loading can also draw skepticism from customs officials as a sign that something fishy is going on, prompting an inspection that leads to unnecessary delays and stress. It’s imperative to knowing how to properly load a container. Here are 5 tips to help make the process safe and efficient.

Survey the land

Frisk that container from top to bottom, taking care to notice any holes or other damages that could result in dangerous consequences if not dealt with before departure. Ask yourself: Is it clean? Is it weatherproof? If you see light streaming in through cracks in the container, there’s a good chance leaks could be a future problem.

Start heavy

Load the heaviest, largest items first working from the bottom up, with lighter goods stacked on top. Keep boxes loaded tight and compact, carefully observing the size of spaces and what item can fill that particular space nice and snug. Make sure weight is evenly distributed across the container floor.

Keep tools within easy reach

What supplies will you need immediately once you arrive at the destination? Pack these supplies into the container last, close to the doors.

Pad it up

You can never have enough bedding to help cushion loaded goods. Line the container walls with mattresses and use blankets to fill empty spaces. Stretch wrap individual boxes and pallets to keep the contents stacked and together.

Pallet 101

If you’re using pallets, inspect them first to make sure they’re in pristine condition. Lay wooden sheets across the top of the pallet to help stabilize the weight stacked on top of it. To avoid sliding and movement, strap heavy items to the pallet. Take care not to overload it or let goods overhang.

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Tips for Loading a Shipping Container
Courtney L.
January 24, 2017
January 24, 2017

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