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Top 3 ELD Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

In 2018, officers began enforcing ELDs in truck driving. Since then, mandate fines have been steady, but it is a learning curve after all. How can you avoid fines and rock ELD requirements? Let’s look at the top 3 biggest ELD mistakes and how to avoid them.

Don’t forget the paperwork

Since a ELD is installed in the truck, many drivers figure you no longer need to keep documents because everything is digitally recorded. The problem with this is that drivers are still learning how to use the ELD. Due to malfunctions and lack of training, logbooks are often spotty, resulting in fines.

How to fix it: There’s no other way to say it- learn how to use your ELD! This is the best way to avoid glitches and misunderstandings.

Failure to mount the ELD

Your ELD needs to be easily visible at all times. If you have a habit of keeping devices in your pocket or on the passenger seat, you’re putting yourself at risk for a fine. 

How to fix it: A tablet or smartphone mount is perfect to keep your equipment easy to view and reachable. Opt for a tilted mount that can be moved around for outside view, and it should be detachable so you can remove it during inspections.

Editing mistakes

You may be allowed to edit and add driving time, but one common mistake is that the wrong information is often put in. Whether it’s on purpose or due to a lack of knowledge on how to use the device, officers are cracking down to stop abuse of this function.

How to fix it: Training and guidebooks are necessary to remind drivers how to edit information correctly. That way, there are always answers available for those that are unsure, and it can help weed out the drivers that are taking advantage.

Top 3 ELD Mistakes & How to Avoid Them
Courtney L.
June 27, 2019

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