Dash cam on windshield

Truck Driver Tech: The Dash Cam

New and innovative technology is consistently debuted in order to make driving safer for everyone. The dash cam is one such piece of equipment, offering a number of benefits that can change the way truck drivers capture their drives.

The dash cam is a small camera that sits on the dashboard of a vehicle. It’s basically a video camera that films what is viewed from the driver or passenger seat perspective. So whatever the traffic situation may be, that little camera is going to record it.

How can a dash cam be used for safe driving?

It tells the story

It’s not something that likes to be discussed, but it’s necessary: accidents happen. It’s not a happy event, and sometimes the driver at fault will try to deflect blame or even flee the scene, leaving the innocent driver scrambling. A dash cam can help portray the truth of what happened, so a serious situation can be dealt with as fairly as possible.

It helps drivers learn from their actions

Everyone makes mistakes from time to time on the road- we’re only human. The real test comes after the mistake. Do we learn from it and change our ways or do we keep practicing bad habits? A driver that makes a mistake on the road, which is recorded via dash cam, might think twice next time and drive safely if they’ve experienced the compelling footage of a cam that once exposed them.


The dash cam is an excellent little gadget to safeguard your truck when left unattended. You can set a dash cam to automatically switch on when motion is detected. If any thieves try to make a break, that dash cam will be ready for them. Not only can you catch the thieves or gather clues for the police, but you can enjoy peace of mind with the extra security.

Truck Driver Tech: The Dash Cam
Courtney L.
December 22, 2018

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