Fedex award for US1 Logistics agent in Cincinnati, OH

US1 Logistics Agency in Cincinnati, OH Recognized for Performance with Fedex Award

We want to bestow a special congratulations to our US1 Logistics agency located in Cincinnati, OH! They were recently presented with a Fedex award for their exceptional work performance.

From Keyur Jhaveri:

“The opportunity to serve Fedex over the past 3 years has grown and has been a great addition to US 1 Logistics intermodal business. Service has been nothing short of being great and they are now being recognized!”

This team displayed unwavering resilience, perseverance and dedication in 2020, and we couldn’t be prouder of their hard work.

US1 Industries has multiple agents located across the nation, helping to streamline supply chains and implement smart transportation solutions for our partners at every level.

Our intermodal agents, broker agents, and transportation agents operate in a fast-moving environment. 

They wear many hats in the industry, providing important logistics services in a fast moving environment, such as overseeing the import and export of types of freight coming through warehouses, stockrooms or shipping and receiving stations along the supply chain.

Oftentimes, agents are under considerable pressure to make split-second decisions and display aptitude with their problem solving skills. 

Our Cincinnati team delivered this excellence in spades, and is a shining example of the high quality expertise that US1 Industries is known for, and what our partners expect.

Are You Interested in Becoming an Intermodal Agent?

Join our team of nationwide agents and open the doors to a brilliant career brimming with opportunities in the logistics industry. 

You’ll be able to expand upon your skills and work with a supportive network of agents that puts your interests first and pushes you to achieve your career goals. The proof is right here- our awesome agency in Cincinnati, OH shows that hard does indeed work pay off!

Get in contact with US1 Logistics to learn more about our intermodal agent network.

US1 Logistics Agency in Cincinnati, OH Recognized for Performance with Fedex Award
Courtney L.
February 22, 2021

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