What is a Drop Trailer Program?

Logistics is all about efficiency, so professionals within the industry are always brainstorming to find new ways to move loads while saving time and money.

Of course, this is easier said than done since there are a variety of challenges that can arise, from large-scale issues to tiny factors that all have an impact on how a shipment moves.

At US1 Network, we are constantly identifying ways to improve the supply chain to share with our customers. One of these is by utilizing a drop trailer program. Not familiar to you? In this post, we give you all of the information you need to know!

What is a Drop Trailer Program?

A drop trailer program allows the truck driver to “drop off” trailers at a shipping facility for transloading services. The drivers can also pick up loaded trailers from the same facility by appointment.

This arrangement gives both the driver and the shipper greater flexibility for loading time, saving money and optimizing the supply chain.

Other advantages of this shipping practice is that it creates more capacity and provides storage opportunities for items, which allows businesses to save money since they probably won’t need to stretch the budget to cover extra storage services.

Who can Benefit Most From a Drop Trailer Program?

While drop trailer programs are awesome for preventing detention and late fees, unfortunately it’s not for everyone. 

For example, companies that ship produce or other perishable items might not want to utilize this service. At the facility, trailers sometimes sit for unpredictable amounts of time waiting to be handled or hauled. For products that demand a tight schedule to preserve freshness, this just won’t fly.

If your items have flexibility with scheduling, then a drop tailor program might be a good fit for your supply chain. 

What is a Drop Trailer Program?
Courtney L.
February 15, 2023

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