Intermodal transportation

What is an Intermodal Agent?

Intermodal drayage is the winning ticket when it comes to transporting goods. A quick definition tells us that intermodal uses trains, sea, air and truck transportation to move goods soundly along the supply chain. Not only is it efficient and environmentally friendly (less reliance on fuel), but it can also be more cost effective.

Who ensures the success of a supply chain using intermodal methods? An intermodal agent, that’s who! Learn all about this logistics superstar and what it takes to fulfill the role.

Keeping things moving

The intermodal agent knows that time and money are at stake with each and every shipment that is imported or exported. They work fervently to ensure complete smoothness and clarity along the supply chain, as freight is moved from port to distribution center and onwards from truck to rail until it reaches the final destination.

A day in the shoes of an intermodal agent

Intermodal agents have an important job to ensure shipping goes as planned, while sticking to a stringent timetable. They need to be able to stay focused, problem solve and perform under pressure. These are the duties of an intermodal agent:

  • Tracking of shipments to ensure they are delivered on schedule.
  • Deciding which intermodal methods are the most efficient per shipment, establishing  routes and coordinating with logistics companies to ensure a secure supply chain.
  • Taking care of the customs and tariff forms for international cargo, as well as any other fees and documentation that needs attention.
  • Agents must follow close progress of the entire shipping process from start to finish and keep all parties informed.
  • Monitor client communication and payments.
  • Handle problems that arise, such as missing payments, delays, etc.

The life of an intermodal agent may sound challenging, and it is, but in a fulfilling way that allows you to always experience excitement in your job. You get to push the boundaries and problem solve every day to build a prosperous career in the logistics industry.

What do you think about a career as an intermodal agent? You can learn more about this role here.

What is an Intermodal Agent?
Courtney L.
April 29, 2019

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