What is Breakbulk Shipping?

Sometimes the cargo just won’t fit into a standard container no matter how many times you try to maneuver it. That’s where breakbulk shipping comes in. This is becoming a popular logistics service for getting oversized items loaded and moved quickly without risk. In fact according to Global Security it has been predicated to make up the majority of the shipping market since 2020.

But what's breakbulk shipping? We explore the topic in our latest blog post!

What is Breakbulk Shipping?

Breakbulk shipping is when an item that needs to be transported is too large or uniquely shaped in a way that it can’t be loaded into a container or cargo bin. Instead special packaging is used to house the item, such as a drum, barrel, box, or crate. It’s then lifted, rolled, or pushed onto the ship for transport.

As mentioned you’ll typically see oversized items being transported via breakbulk  shipping. Some examples of the types of goods handled this way include steel girders, reels, or structural steel.

4 Main Benefits of BreakBulk Shipping

1. With breakbulk shipping you don't need to worry about the deconsructon and reconstruction of large, oversized goods for the sole purpose of transport. You save time and money while your product stays in pristine condition from start to finish.

2. Dealing with smaller ports? Generally, these types of ports aren’t able to accommodate most large-size container ships. However, with breakbulk shipping you don’t have to worry about size constraints.

3. You have more options for shipping oversized cargo. For example, breakbulk shipping might align better with your cargo and transportation needs.

4. If you don’t want to ship a bunch of different items combined into one container, breakbulk shipping allows you to ship one item at a time.


What is Breakbulk Shipping?
Courtney L.
October 26, 2022

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