Different transportation modes for shipping

What is High Value Shipping?

High value shipping services target expensive items that have special requirements to keep them well-protected while being transported from point A to point B.

In this post, we explain exactly what this type of shipping entails, the right packaging for the job, and the best way to protect your precious cargo from theft.

What is Considered High Value?

High value items that need to be shipped consist of products or personal belongs that are worth a lot of money. Here are some of the most common examples:

  • Electronics
  • Medical equipment
  • Industrial equipment
  • Precious stones/gems
  • Jewelry
  • Banking documents

These high value commodities require special handling services to ensure they stay safe over the road and arrive at the destination in one piece. 

Special Handling for High Value Items

Generally, a custom transportation plan is established depending on the unique needs of the high value product being shipped. 

Attention must be paid to the types of packaging materials used, as well as the way the packages are loaded and organized inside a dry van. Some perishable items, such as medicine, might need a reefer with climate control technology.

Additional padding and straps might be necessary to ensure fragile items don’t shift and bump around while the truck is in motion.

Finetune the final mile of your shipment with hand-picked services that ensure the final drop off is safe, timely, and secure. For instance, you might be interested in services such as dunnage removal, product placement, or inside delivery.

Security Measures

Cargo theft is a very real threat when shipping over the road. Always inquire about added security measures to protect expensive freight. This could include door sensors, geo-fencing, live location tracking, and dual-driver teams.

Expedited shipping is also beneficial, shortening the overall time high value items spend on the road where they are most at risk for theft.

What is High Value Shipping?
Courtney L.
April 14, 2022

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