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What is Power Only Trucking?

Power only trucking. Perhaps you’ve heard the term before. But, what is it? 

When a company has a full trailer that needs to be shipped, but no truck or driver to move it, then they hire one. This is especially true for companies that, economically, don’t need their own fleet. Depending on how much freight you need to move, you can hire from one driver up to an entire team. This is power only trucking.

What Are The Benefits Of Power Only Service?

A special factor to note about trucks that provide power only service is that they utilize a fifth wheel. This makes it easier to accommodate a vast array of cargo sizes and weight. Standard axle and four-axle units are usually available too.

One of the biggest benefits of power only is that you can have a truck and driver pronto! Say, you get your containers filled, but discover you are a few drivers/trucks short of what you originally planned. This is where power only trucking comes in.

As well, sometimes companies get unexpected freight that needs to go fast. When the unpredictable happens, shippers can call up a power only service to handle the load.

Power only service also makes it easier for smaller companies to find reliable drivers that have the experience and licenses to carry their loads.

What Loads Are Commonly Moved By Power Only Services?

Power only is a flexible service, molded to accommodate all types of loads. Generally, this service is utilized for moving the following:

  • Flatbed trailers
  • Shipping containers
  • Refrigerated vans
  • Dry vans
  • Tankers

You can pick and choose the best truck and driver to match the requirements of your load. There is a diverse pool of drivers with different experience and certifications. That way, if you have HAZMAT goods or an oversized load, there is a driver out there for you!

What is Power Only Trucking?
Courtney L.
December 17, 2019

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