What is Truck Driving School?

Truck driving jobs in Florida and across the country are plentiful at the moment, with truck drivers in high demand to transport all sorts of freight. 

Best of all, you don’t need a four-year college degree to become a truck driver. While regulations differ from state to state, generally you need a high-school diploma or GED and a CDL license to operate a commercial vehicle. Some states require certain physical examinations to be done, as well as passing a road test.

Truck driving school is not mandatory in all states, but it is a smart option that not only boosts your resume and sharpens your skills, but may give you job connections right after course completion. These classes are taught by seasoned truck drivers turned instructors. The curriculum is meant to help students prepare to take and pass the CDL test.

In this post, we share helpful tips and facts about truck driving school, so you can decide if it’s the best route for you to roll on if you’re interested in a career as a truck driver.

Choosing a school

Truck driving schools differ when it comes to size, curriculum, and benefits, but you can find them in most states. These are real schools- not scams- and some even help with job placement after completion.

The trick to choosing a truck driving school is to do your own research online. Scour school websites and read customer reviews. Study the curriculm and find out if they do job placements and what their success rate is for placing graduates.

What does truck driving school cover?

Most truck driving schools go step-by-step on how to take the CDL test, covering road safety, reversing a truck, maneuvering, how to drive on the highway, and more. The road test is also covered, giving you full preparation and no hidden surprises come testing day.

Furthermore, you are in a reputable place where you can ask questions, receiver personalized guidance, and learn about specific scenarios that you might not even consider if studying on your own.

What is Truck Driving School?
Courtney L.
January 18, 2022

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