What is Wind Energy Shipping Services?

In the logistics world, drayage is such an important aspect to ensure the transport of all types of loads. From perishables to construction materials and luxury cars, if there is an item that needs to move, there’s a special way to do it.

Enter the world of wind energy shipping services. Have you ever wondered how those giant wind turbines get to where they need to be? Often they are assembled in remote areas, and the equipment used to make them are HUGE.

It takes specialized planning to execute a safe logistics plan for transporting turbines, and oftentimes this is where heavy haul trucking comes in. 

What is Wind Energy Equipment?

Wind energy equipment consists of turbines, blades, tower sections, hubs, and nacelles. These items are heavy, long, and very large, surpassing the average measurement standards for shipping. That’s why heavy haul is needed to transport these oversized items.

What Kind of Experience is Needed to Haul Wind Energy Equipment?

Heavy haulers hold a CDL license, but they also might need special permits, insurance, and certifications depending on state regulations.

Heavy haul utilizes vehicles such as flatbed trucks with open air trailers to transport abnormally long and heavy items, with the benefit of being able to tightly strap down cargo to the bed so it doesn’t budge. Sometimes pilot cars follow the load to increase safety awareness, and signs designate it as an “oversized” load. 

Truck drivers who have heavy haul experience must know how to haul wind energy equipment with precision, especially when it comes to highway safety. From anticipating weather, to establishing the best routes with less traffic and height appropriate bridges (if any) there are many little details to pay attention to when hauling these massive pieces of equipment.

Hauling for the wind energy sector is a challenge, but it’s just another reminder of how our nation’s truck drivers are depended on to help with the progression of our infrastructure, no matter how oversized the load might be!

What is Wind Energy Shipping Services?
Courtney L.
August 30, 2022

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