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What to do in Case of a Big Rig Breakdown

When you’re on the road for long hours and several days at a time, a truck breakdown is inevitable at some point for any owner operator. We don’t like them, they cause stress and delays while costing money, but such is life over the road.

You may not be able to prevent every breakdown, but there are ways to be prepared as a professional. If you’re new to trucking, these tips will help you be ready for any emergency when a mechanical malfunction arises.

Know where to go

Take a look at the route you plan to drive for your upcoming intermodal shipment and do some research to establish where repair facilities are located along the way. Take down contact numbers and names and set up your GPS accordingly. That way, if an engine breaks down, then you’ll at least have some solutions in an unfamiliar area. You’ll be able to get the repairs going faster without sitting on the side of the highway looking up repair shops on your smartphone.

Maintenance is key

Keep your long-haul truck in tip-top shape for the road by administering mechanical check-ups prior to, during and after big trips. This cuts down on potential problems that can lead to greater damages in the future and cost you more money than necessary if the problem had been discovered and dealt with sooner. This will also give you peace of mind while driving knowing that your rig is healthy.

Stay safe and alert

If a break down occurs, put on your flashers and take care, checking traffic as you merge to the shoulder of the road to stop. Stay with your vehicle and be aware of speeding traffic when exiting. If you drive for a company, call them right away to have repair service sent out. Keep dispatch informed about every step of the breakdown and repair process, so as to communicate with the customer about any changes to shipping.

Keep these supplies handy just in case:

  • full wrench set
  • Screwdriver set
  • vice grips
  • triangles
  • extra oil
  • electrical tape
  • adjustable hose clamps
  • duct tape
  • extra coolant
  • fuel conditioner
  • flares
  • fully charged fire extinguisher
  • windshield washer fluid
  • plastic zip locks
What to do in Case of a Big Rig Breakdown
Courtney L.
June 15, 2018

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