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When Should I Use Intermodal Drayage to Ship?

Intermodal drayage is the use of multiple modes of transportation to move goods from one point to another. This is typically a combination of rail, truck, air, or sea.

This type of transportation has many benefits for shippers, and is becoming the popular way to ship multiple types of loads across the US. 

Rail transport offers innumerable fuel and cost savings while also being more environmentally friendly

Trucks are fast and precise, and by using them to move goods over shorter distances you can reduce the risk of delays caused by accidents, weather and traffic.

It’s a no brainer: intermodal is a smart and flexible way to ship. Now, who should use it? Every load is different and every shipper has different needs. How can you know if intermodal is the right fit for you?

Here’s who can benefit from this type of transportation solution.

If you’re moving goods long-distance...

Shipping from coast to coast? If you’re moving freight over 750 miles, you may benefit from using more than one mode of transportation. 

If you depend solely on long haul trucks to get the distance covered, you’ll be spending a lot of money on gas and other costs. Not to mention, there’s always the heightened risk of theft, accidents, and delays.

By combining truck and rail for long distances, you save money and time. A truck can be used to cover the shorter distances between the port, rail ramps, and warehouses. Rail will safely transport your goods across the country without delays or reliance on fuel.

If you send out routine loads...

Do you send the same type of shipment with a similar amount, weight, etc. on a regular basis? If so, intermodal is perfect to develop a fail-proof transportation plan. You can try different mode combinations to test out the most cost effective routes, minimizing fuel and energy consumption.

If you are shipping moderate value goods...

High value goods are typically transported directly and as quickly as possible by air to lower the risk of cargo theft. If you’re shipping low or medium value goods, then intermodal is a solid option to add value to your supply chain. 

When Should I Use Intermodal Drayage to Ship?
Courtney L.
April 14, 2021

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