A woman drives a semi truck

Who is Eligible to Drive (or ride in) a Semi Truck?

The trucking industry is full of unique possibilities to have a fulfilling, lucrative career. But who qualifies to drive a truck? That old stereotype of a scruffy man in a trucker hat may come to mind, but that image couldn’t be farther from the truth.

In today’s world, trucking is an essential frontline job that keeps the American economy pumping- especially during national crisis’, like the pandemic. When businesses shut down, truckers kept working to ensure our stores were stocked with the resources we all need to survive.

Truck drivers play an important role, and it’s a job that almost anyone can go for. Who can be a truck driver? Read on to find out!

1. Anyone with a CDL 

Guess what- you don’t need a college degree to drive a truck! Depending on your state’s laws, adults as young as 18-years-old can get started driving local, with 21-years-old as the minimum to drive across state lines.

As well, you must have a clean driving record and a satisfactory work history, and you’ll be required to attend truck driving school, take a drug and alcohol screening and pass a physical  in order to get your CDL.

3. Your spouse

Another passenger option is your spouse or family member. It can get lonely on the road, so bringing along a loved one can turn it into an adventure! There are no regulations forbidding passengers in semi trucks, although this varies from company to company. If you’d like to bring your loved one along for the ride, simply ask your trucking company what their rider policy entails. 

2. Your dog

OK hold on, I don’t mean your dog can drive a truck- but they can be your awesome co-pilot! The FMCSA does not currently have any regulations regarding pets on the road, but safety needs to be adhered to at all times. There are several trucking companies that will allow their drivers to bring their dogs with them, so always ask first. 

4. Women

In the trucking industry, about 47% of the workforce is women while only 7% are truck drivers! But that is changing and more women are hitting the road due to the high demand for drivers and the amazing benefits that the trucking industry has to offer, such as equal pay. Don’t listen to the stereotypes- this is a rewarding career for anyone.

Who is Eligible to Drive (or ride in) a Semi Truck?
Courtney L.
March 24, 2021

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