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3 Benefits of Becoming a Heavy Haul Trucker

Truck driving jobs in Florida are plentiful at the moment but believe that there is more to the business than just driving a typical long-haul truck. The transportation industry consists of many types of vehicles and services since obviously freight comes in all shapes and sizes.

Enter the world of heavy haul. You’ve seen those impressive trucks on the highway carrying heavy-duty machinery, construction supplies, or military vehicles. They’re being hauled by drivers who are experienced to handle oversized equipment weighing hundreds or even thousands of tons.

Heavy haul is an interesting niche, not only because of the complicated nature of the freight being hauled, but because of the capabilities available for drivers to nurture their careers and develop a plethora of new and unique skills.

In this post, we highlight 3 of the main benefits of heavy hauling, and who knows- it might be the perfect career for you!

Trucks and Trailers: Take Your Pick

Not every oversized load can be hauled on one type of trailer. In heavy haul, there are many different types of equipment, giving you the ability to learn how to drive different rigs and develop out-of-the-box solutions for loading and securing items. Some different types of equipment heavy haulers work with include flatbed carriers, double drop trailers, sixteen-wheelers, and eighteen-wheelers.

Enhanced Job Security

There’s no better time to be a heavy hauler or any type of long haul truck driver for that matter. Jobs are plentiful and truckers are in high demand. This gives you more options to pick the types of loads that align with your goals and schedule. Many companies also offer drivers incentives, such as discounts, sign-on bonuses, and some will even pay drivers to exercise while on the road!

You Can Start Making Money Almost Immediately

One of the greatest advantages to becoming a heavy hauler is that you don’t need a four-year degree to start your career. True, you’ll have to complete truck driving school and there are certain permits required, but it’s less time-intensive, and with the demand for truck drivers at an all-time high, you can make a career switch and push your professional goals as far as you want to go in the trucking industry.

3 Benefits of Becoming a Heavy Haul Trucker
Courtney L.
January 18, 2022

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