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3 Dangerous Road Hazards and How Truckers Should Handle Them

Truck driving jobs offer lucrative benefits, flexibility, and the chance to travel America’s scenic highways while meeting new people. But just like any job, there are hazards to watch out for.

While truck driving is an excellent career, truckers need to be vigilant and put safety first at all times! But the unexpected happens, in which case it’s crucial to be prepared.

It starts with understanding the types of hazards that can occur on the road, and having an emergency plan in place to handle it with precision.

In this post, we share 3 of the most common road hazards that truckers are confronted with, and how to stay safe.

1. Falling Asleep at the Wheel

It’s easy to say, “This won’t ever happen to me,” but we all know how that works out 90% of the time. You can never be too vigilant, and truckers spend long hours working hard to ensure our goods are delivered on time. 

While truckers are indeed superheroes, they’re also human. Long hours driving can lead to dozing off, and that’s a highly dangerous game to play.

The key is to not overdo it (and energy drinks are not the answer!). Plan out your trip with breaks so you can get out of your cab, drink water, eat a healthy snack, and stretch those muscles.

If you have been charging it for hours and feel your eyelids growing heavy, don’t risk it- pull over and get some rest!

Sleep apnea is a disorder that is common in the trucking industry, so if you feel worried about your health don’t hesitate to speak with your doctor.

2. Speeding & Recklessness

The pressure of a deadline can persuade you to lay on that gas pedal harder than usual, but speeding is not a joke-especially when you’re driving a large semi on crowded highways. 

Remember this statistic next time you’re feeling the need for speed: 22% of fatal truck crashes result from speeding.

Safety is always No.1, no matter what that deadline is. Stick to the speed limit, drive defensively, and use those indicators. 

Always inspect your tires and brakes before a big trip, and stay healthy to ensure you have the energy to focus and react quickly in case of an emergency.

3. Cargo Theft

In 2016 there were a reported 64 cargo thefts per month, according to Freightwatch. And where did these thefts occur? The majority took place in parking lots!

Cargo theft should never be a second thought in your mind. Thieves are sly, efficient, and are always evolving their tactics. From following trucks for long distances to scouting out dark, empty parking lots, truckers need to be able to outsmart the bad guys.

Be smart about where you park your truck- never leaving it idle for too long. Avoid empty parking lots with dim lighting, instead opting for truck stops and busy rest stops with security guards.

Utilize security technology to make it easier to monitor your truck at all times, and always make sure you have your keys and all doors are locked before you step away.

3 Dangerous Road Hazards and How Truckers Should Handle Them
Courtney L.
July 27, 2021

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