4 Safety Tips for Driving a Truck in Congested Traffic

Driving a truck in bumper to bumper traffic is never fun. Not only does it impact the timeliness of a delivery and can make a delivery more expensive, but it can also increase the dangers that come with being on the road with a multitude of other drivers.

Many people make the misconception that driving in traffic is easier because everyone is going at a slow pace. However, this is a tense time when a large number of vehicles are trying to be patient on a highway, and they are all clustered close together.

For truckers, this is a peak moment to stay vigilant. In this blog post, we share 4 tips that can be helpful when maneuvering through the congestion.

Try to Avoid it Altogether

The best line of defense is to try to avoid a traffic jam altogether. Not only do you keep yourself in a safer position, but you also get to stay on track with your delivery.

There are a few ways to avoid traffic congestion. You can utilize GPS apps that actually show you where there is traffic along the route you wish to take. It can reroute for you, giving alternative routes.

You can also be prepared by having backup routes on the agenda before you hit the road. 

Drive at Night

Some truckers prefer to drive during the night and sleep during the day. This has many advantages. For one, there are less vehicles on the road, so risks are decreased, as well as the threat of a traffic jam. 

You can cover some major mileage peacefully, then pull into a truck parking lot in the morning. This is another plus, because depending on the area, it can sometimes be difficult to find truck parking in the evening.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

If you do get stuck in traffic, it’s crucial to always be attentive to what it going on around you. This is not the time to talk on the phone or eat a snack all because you’re moving at the pace of a snail!

Truck blind spots can be difficult to work around with so much congestion. As well, bear in mind that other drivers in passenger vehicles most likely don’t know where your blind spots are located.

Avoid Changing Lanes

This is one of the most dangerous moves a truck driver can make when stuck in traffic. Remember that your blind spots are in full effect, and you might not be able to see every vehicle around you.

If you must change lanes, make sure to do it slowly, using your blinker well in advance before moving. You want to make everyone around you is aware that you are switching lanes.

4 Safety Tips for Driving a Truck in Congested Traffic
Courtney L.
April 13, 2023

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