View of the road from inside a truck.

4 Safety Tips to Avoid Skidding in Your Truck

No one wants to lose control of their truck while on a fast-moving highway, but truck drivers can be defensive in their driving and prevent skidding by learning how to brake properly.

Skid control is achieved by braking the right way, and yes- there is a wrong way to brake. Skid control prevents accidents and keeps you safe and confident when on the road.

In this post, we share 4 safety tips to brake properly and prevent dangerous skidding in your truck.

1. Slam? No Thank You, Ma’am

By this, we mean NEVER slam on your brakes! This can cause one of the duals to lock up, which in turn might initiate a sliding spree. 

If your brakes are in bad shape (always inspect them before a trip), slamming on the brakes can cause the steering axles to lock, and your rig will start sliding sideways.

2. Gently Pump the Brakes

The correct way to brake in a semi-truck involves slowly tapping on the brakes, applying pressure a few times to stop the rig gradually. 

This type of movement mimics the operation of an ABS system, so it’s the safest and most accurate way to brake, whether you’re coming to a sudden stop or starting to brake in advance before reaching a stop.

3. Go Slow When Traveling Downhill

If you’re traveling in a region with hilly roads that descend, it’s important to take it slow. 

If your rig is picking up speed on a downhill slope, this is a recipe for disaster, as it can cause skidding and loss of control.

4. Keep it Straight

When braking, keep your truck as straight as possible. If your rig isn’t straight, the weight of the trailer can cause the truck to start sliding out of control. 

Look ahead and straighten out your truck on a straight stretch instead of on a curve, which can potentially lead to skidding. 

By keeping your truck straight, you can prevent sliding no matter where you are on the road.

4 Safety Tips to Avoid Skidding in Your Truck
Courtney L.
November 26, 2021

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