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5 Reasons Why a Career as a Truck Driver Could be Right For You

There are over 3 million truck drivers in the US, and it’s the most common career in 29 states. It goes without saying that truck driving is the backbone of what makes America move. 

The iconic highways that stretch for miles through glorious, ever changing landscapes are traveled every day by big rigs whose drivers know routes and regions like the back of their hands.

Is a career in truck driving for you? From competitive salaries to great benefits, there are numerous reasons why this job stands out from the typical desk job. 

Adventure is calling

Speaking of desk jobs, are you the type of person that likes to sit at a computer all day? If not, truck driving might add that spice to your daily grind. Transportation means travel, and no two days will ever look the same when you’re out on the open road. You’ll drive the nation’s most scenic highways and meet people from all over. Adventure is just around the bend when you’re in a long haul truck!

Good pay & benefits

The demand for truck drivers is high, with competitive pay and enticing benefits. Do your research to find a trucking company that fits with your career goals and needs.

Quick training

You don’t need years of schooling to start a career in trucking. Getting your commercial driver’s license (CDL) takes around 7 weeks to complete, so you can start working as soon as you would like.

It’s rewarding

Truck drivers safely transport the items we rely upon every day. From pharmaceuticals to food and clothes to equipment, a long haul driver is working hard behind the scenes to make sure the US commerce sector flows. It’s a lot of responsibility, but that makes the job rewarding and meaningful.


When you’re on the road, no one is telling you how to dress, how loud to listen to your music or when you can take a break. Truck driving gives you the freedom to choose your pace, make the stops you want and to enjoy the ride as you like. 

5 Reasons Why a Career as a Truck Driver Could be Right For You
Courtney L.
March 16, 2020

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