Black Friday: How to Prepare Your Supply Chain

We’ve all had our experiences with the phenomenon that is Black Friday- experiences that can be both good and bad. For businesses, it’s a vital time to prepare your supply chain accordingly to deal with costs, delays and most importantly: to keep your customers happy. Here are our top tips for shipping during Black Friday like a pro.

Be responsive

During the holidays, the volume of cargo being shipped increases considerably, which can cause congestion at warehouses, at port or over the road. When preparing your supply chain for Black Friday, consider short lead times, which calls for responsiveness to avoid delays. Short lead times may mean higher fees, so also be prepared to accommodate extra costs.

Be prepared

As obvious as this may sound, it’s the best advice that never gets old. Black Friday will come and go in a flash, with high product demands that will put pressure on your supply chain. Researching historical data and current market trends can help you get an idea for what to expect for the upcoming season. Get in touch with a 3PL to help you plan a sound logistics strategy and to ensure you have the right equipment and most efficient routes.

Incorporate intermodal drayage

Black Friday can get tense, and relying on one mode of transportation to ship can be risky. Instead, incorporate different modes, which can save you time and money in the long run. From the port to over the road trucking to rail, each offers its own benefits, not to mention, if one mode experiences delays then another can serve as a backup that can save your supply chain.

With US 1  Network behind you during the holidays, your business will reach levels of success you never dreamed of. We handle the details so that you you can peace of mind that your cargo is being handled by the best. Contact us today for more information!

Black Friday: How to Prepare Your Supply Chain
Courtney L.
November 13, 2017

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