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Clever Tips to Cut Supply Chain Costs During the Pandemic

The pandemic’s impact on the global supply chain is rapidly changing the transportation industry as we know it. How can you cut costs to accommodate this economic impact and meet rising online consumer demands? Here are our 5 top tips to make it happen.

Collaborate digitally

Not only is technology leading the charge in the transportation sector, but by connecting to a digital supply network you get fast, easy access to a vast network of shippers across the nation. This gives you more flexibility and leverage with finding reliable partners to share loads, which helps fill up truck loads for lower expenses.

Stay on top of the latest logistics software

From supply chain management to trucking, there’s an app to make your life easier. In order to meet the burgeoning online consumer demand and keep up with supply chain changes due to the pandemic, incorporating the latest logistics management software will help make communication easier, improve accuracy and optimize the storing of records and data. The workplace becomes more readily accessible and transparent between all members of your team.

Focus on customer service

This is one area where you can always make a positive difference by adapting your customer service strategy to prioritize on-time delivery, as well as safe and efficient handling. During these uncertain times when online shopping and delivery services are relied upon more than ever, optimal customer service is what stands out from the rest.

Review all freight invoices

Mistakes happen, and in a fast-paced environment that deals with hundreds of orders at once, it’s not uncommon to find incorrect freight bills. A simple way to be cost conscious is by auditing all freight invoices to nix errors. If you aren’t familiar with surcharges and accessories, this is a good way to learn and understand the invoice as a whole.

Partner up with carriers

When you pay carriers on time, it won’t take long for you to become a preferred shipper. By treating them as partners you can share a sales forecast to quickly get a truck without expedited charges. You can also minimize fees by double checking documents and being clear with communication.

Clever Tips to Cut Supply Chain Costs During the Pandemic
Courtney L.
July 29, 2020

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