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Hot Weather Woes: Stay Cool on the Road This Summer

With so much focus put on delivering goods on time, making sure your truck is running well and preserving cargo, it can be easy for truck drivers to forget about health.

The summer months are grueling, so it’s more important than ever to be vigilant while on the road. After all, long haul trucking isn’t successful unless the driver is in optimal shape. Here are 4 tips to stay cool over the road this summer.

Drink up!

Even if you’re driving in an air conditioned truck, it’s vital to stay hydrated. Often times, drinking enough water gets overlooked when you’re busy following routes and keeping on schedule. By downing at least 8 cups of water per day, you will feel more alert, focused and energized. Toss those energy drinks to the side and grab a water bottle instead!

Wear sunscreen

Have you ever heard of “trucker’s arm”? Well, it’s a real thing! Combat harmful UV rays by slathering on that sunscreen. You may think that using it is unnecessary when you’re covered in the cabin, but there are certain areas of the body that are constantly exposed to the sun. Double up by wearing a hat and using a window cover.

Watch those thunderstorms

The heat of summer means thunderstorms come roaring in more frequently. Slick roads create hazards for truck drivers, so it’s important to be prepared. Have your brakes and tires checked before your trip, as the heat can erode quality. If it rains, you’ll need dependable brakes and tires that don’t slip and slide on the tarmac. 

Handling issues on the road

You’ll want to check that your air conditioner is in perfect running order before hitting the road on a long shipment. If your truck breaks down on the side of the highway, it’s more important than ever to stay hydrated. Find shade until assistance arrives and keep yourself covered with a shirt and hat. Look out for symptoms of heat stroke, such as dizziness, cramps, increased heart beat and shallow breathing. 

Hot Weather Woes: Stay Cool on the Road This Summer
Courtney L.
July 25, 2019

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