Driver getting his rig inspected

How to Be Ready for Roadside Inspections

Roadchecks are an important part of the trucking industry. Put in place to ensure drivers are safe and abiding by the laws, they can result in a quick pass or, if you aren’t prepared, a long stop that costs invaluable time and money (if you fail).

Here is how you can be prepared for the next roadside inspection.

Know what to expect

Do your homework on what will be checked during the stop. Paperwork and identification will need to be up-to-date and in order. Usually, these are Level 1 inspections, so you can count on the following truck parts getting a once over for functionality.

  • Tires, wheels, rims and hubs
  • Major safety components
  • Tractor (all sides)
  • Trailer (all sides)
  • Lights
  • Proper loading of cargo
  • Brakes

Invest in truck maintenance

Now that you know what to expect, it’s time to cancel those weekend BBQ plans and use that time to get your truck maintenanced. Do a pre-trip inspection so you know what needs to be tweaked and you can get assurance that your truck is safe and roadcheck ready. You’ll want to focus on areas that experience the most wear and tear, like the engine, tires and brakes.

Comply with the rules

Part of a roadside inspection involves having the correct paperwork and logs that show you are following all regulations. Inspecting HOS and ELD requirements are hot points that you need to be on top of. Understand the rules and how the device works. Common ELD violations occur because of malfunctions. Always keep a user manual, blank sheets for recording hours and an instruction sheet in a convenient place.

The same goes for your paperwork and identification. Make sure you have everything in an easy-to-reach spot, so you don’t waste time shuffling papers around. Here’s a brief list of important documents.

  • Vehicle Inspection Certificate
  • Medical Examiners Certificate
  • Record of Duty Status
  • Drivers License/CDL
  • Periodic Inspection Reports
  • Skill Performance Evaluation Certificate
  • Daily Vehicle Inspection Report
  • Shipping Papers

How to Be Ready for Roadside Inspections
Courtney L.
June 27, 2019

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