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How to Prep Your Warehouse For Black Friday 2019

Dun, dun,’s here! The Friday of all Fridays is upon us once more- Black Friday. And with it, comes the ultimate consumer day cousin- Cyber Monday.

In the shipping industry, it’s already a handful trying to make those Christmas lists to Santa come true. With hazardous weather, busy roads filled with traveling motorists and logistics companies moving to meet deadlines, it more imperative than ever to get your warehouse prepared.

Is your warehouse ready for the goods? In this post, we’ll offer insightful tips on how to prepare your storage site for the biggest shopping days of the year.

1. Get those operational processes down pat. You need to know how your warehouse is running inside and out. The process needs to be easy to understand for all employees and easy to execute.

2. Call a meeting. It’s time to get your warehouse team in the zone for the mayhem that’s about to unfold. Make sure everyone is on the same page regarding responsibilities, safety and time. If extra training is needed, get a session organized so every employee is refreshed and ready.

3. Make an emergency plan. WIFI bows out, power cuts out or a system fails- it happens, and when it does, it can cause serious damage. You need to be ready for anything with an emergency action plan.

4. Check the software. If it’s been awhile and your warehouse management system is outdated- it’s time for a software update. You want to make sure all technology is functioning fast and efficiently.

5. Plan a storage structure that lets you move. You’ll want to take a good walk around and determine if you need to rearrange, create aisles or clear areas to make more storage space for overflow. Whatever works best to allow for easy navigation and organization is key.

6. Call up a staffing agency. It never hurts to have a Plan B, and if you get bogged down with inventory, having an extra workforce on hand will help keep the supply chain moving.

How to Prep Your Warehouse For Black Friday 2019
Courtney L.
November 27, 2019

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